This is a project made by Entropy8Zuper! and commissioned by SFMOMA for their 010101 show in January 2001*

Viewing Requirements:
The Pulse3d plug-in is required to view Eden.Garden. This plug-in will be automatically installed when you click on Begin.
  • PC users may run Eden.Garden in Internet Explorer or Netscape 4 series browser.
  • Mac users must use Netscape 4 series browser

The Flash plug-in is required to hear Eden.Garden. Download Flash plugin


And God Created HTML
The Garden of Eden works like a browser. You feed it a URL and it interprets the data. The text becomes the engine that drives the dance of the main characters. And the code defines the world.

Do the Quake
The moves Adam and Eve make, are based on the traditional moves characters in 3D games, like Quake3Arena, make:

death1, death2, death3, taunt, weapon attack, melee attack, change weapon, weapon idle, melee idle, crouched walk, walk, run, backpedal, swim, jump forward, jump forward-land, jump backward, jump backward-land standing idle, crouched idle, turn in place
Each letter of the alphabet represents a move. The letters on the left side of a computer keyboard are Eve's moves, the letters on the right side those of Adam. As the engine moves through the entire document, it makes Adam and Eve move according to the letters it encounters.

Arrow keys to WALK
F7 to look DOWN
F8 to look UP
F12 to FLOAT

Things to do in the Garden:
Click on Adam
Click on Eve
Click on Eagle
Click on Buffalo
Click on Belly Dancer
Find the Oasis in the Desert
Find the Serpent

*Version History:
31 Oct thru 3 Nov 2002 - Featured in the Art Futura Festival, The Web as Canvas Exhibition, Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona
Sep 2002 - Relocated to a new webserver.
Jun 2002 - Eden.Garden upgraded to version 1.1
- Various technical updates fixing animal and texture disappearances due to changes in the Pulse3d plug-in.
- Updates to this documentation file.
- New and adjusted preset urls.

Thanks to Jantje Boichel and Russell Rheingrover at Pulse3D for their technical assistance.
Thanks to Animazoo for capturing our motions so well.