Gorgeous. Very effective. I will highly recommend this experience to all my friends and I look forward to any of your future projects!!
09/08/99 01:10:58 GMT

well, can't seem to get my thoughts together after the very first cybernetic experience i came across on the web. But i think i've guessed why this place was called hell : this is quite close todevilish knowledge of haw the human brain is woking. (i'm sorry for my poor english, but this is actually a frenchman trying to make himself clear, so please show mercy). Anyway, all those little "games" in dextro, the navigation is so cunning, so willing to get the user out of his routine mindschemes, so i sometimes felt somewhat "remote" controlled... very very impressive conceptual work.i'll just stop making compliments, you guys (and hopefully ladies too) are otherwise never come down again. But i guess my first online payment EVER was not a mistake... Thanks.
09/07/99 23:14:47 GMT

I am inspired. You both have the rare ability to fill me with energy.
09/07/99 15:47:42 GMT

09/04/99 16:32:45 GMT

dig it
09/04/99 03:50:34 GMT

challenging. I like.
09/04/99 00:09:34 GMT

Beautiful art. I was expecting more though. Maybe some story or narrative would add to the experience.
09/03/99 21:01:30 GMT

Once I finally arrived at the modus operandi of this art work, the beauty of it hit me with a force unknown to man. Erotic to the spirit, It touch me amazingly. You two have done it for me. Keep up the outstanding conceptualizations. I dearly look forward to any future events.
09/03/99 07:08:42 GMT

I want to learn what cha know, i want to do what cha do. i must return its what i must do. Very good, differnt but that is what its bout. interguled to your site.
09/03/99 06:16:36 GMT

Me my thoughts are flower strewn.
09/02/99 16:26:54 GMT

09/02/99 15:47:17 GMT

this was a lovely little thing...eerie, intimate...the music behind the images and conversation gave a strange feel to it. it gave me a displaced nostalgia for a feeling while making it feel unworldly at the same time...
09/02/99 10:30:53 GMT

the most intimate and moving experience I have ever had on the net...
09/02/99 00:25:39 GMT

I am amazed, moved, touched
09/01/99 16:43:56 GMT

Minblowing experiance. Seen once, changed forever. Once like a creation I made, I made a long time ago, a special existance in time and in soul. -Chris Walton chris.walton@ukgateway.net
08/22/99 19:22:34 GMT

elegant media, thanx
08/13/99 14:44:10 GMT

06/23/99 22:55:09 GMT

Shattered, thought I was whole 'till now. Words cannot describe.....i hurt. I want more...i need it. I am hooked, like a junky...only I need new veins, they collapsed after the first taste. I want more...I just want. malochai77
06/23/99 12:40:10 GMT

really, well put together, quite a visual feast you just can't get on television
06/21/99 15:33:39 GMT

It was a good show of artistic ability. The scenes were a little monotonous and were lacking something. I think that maybe more of a personalized touch on some of the scenes would have been an improvement. Very talented work, though. I enjoyed the visit
06/21/99 01:46:41 GMT

you are the best. i hope you know it.
06/20/99 04:51:19 GMT

Damn cool :) I would love to learn more about your site has rekindled my interest in that subject. Bravo, Bravo! Kona, Hawaii soon to be in Wa. state :)
06/20/99 04:42:25 GMT

beautifully intuitive woman on fire. thank you.
06/19/99 23:04:57 GMT

Thank you so much...
06/19/99 21:27:33 GMT

this has been very strange...I thought there would be more....
06/19/99 08:42:28 GMT

very nice.
06/18/99 08:26:53 GMT

cool but takes a wile to understand it makes me ponder and have a good time thanx
06/17/99 23:51:21 GMT

I cannot begin to explain how you have made me feel this day, I now question who i am what i am and where i am going in my life.
06/17/99 18:42:38 GMT

I am now addicted, I need more....
06/17/99 07:05:25 GMT

absolutely breathtaking, words can not describe the the emotional trip i've just taken, Thank you.
06/16/99 23:49:38 GMT

take me there
06/16/99 19:11:13 GMT

The sensual qualities are arousing. The voyeuristic nature of this work/art/pasion is sinful/decadent/yummy. Slick and ragged at the same time-- ruff is good you brought knowled to how this can be intimate
06/16/99 17:34:25 GMT

oh my...i think i just participated in payperview for art. accolaids and koolaid for everyone! brilliant jonwilliams shovemedia.com
06/16/99 13:49:39 GMT

fascinating, its so irresistable to look for meaning...
06/15/99 18:50:38 GMT

06/15/99 01:46:08 GMT

passionate. provoking. beautiful. erotic in its simplicity, it is the next step in a fantastic paradigm. i yearn for more.
06/14/99 21:51:29 GMT

06/14/99 21:23:43 GMT

please let me in
06/14/99 20:44:07 GMT

just scratching the surface here at this moment will require further experience within the site back to you a bit later
06/14/99 14:45:37 GMT

stop all rational thinking
06/14/99 14:41:02 GMT

~~~~~~~~~~~! bravo!
06/14/99 01:18:36 GMT

an unexpected adventure........do more of this
06/13/99 12:18:22 GMT

like nothing I've ever seen on the web.
06/13/99 06:11:27 GMT

desperately beautiful
06/13/99 04:02:52 GMT

Air, forest and grid worked best for me. They captured the mood without commenting on the medium's technicalities. I'm going to view and thing about it some more.
06/13/99 03:43:08 GMT

i wonder if i understand what i am wondering
06/12/99 17:39:42 GMT

very stimulating and unusual a delight to see and feel
06/12/99 16:44:23 GMT

now that i was able to appreciate the whole show....so much better! thanks
06/12/99 04:29:15 GMT

from what I saw before the net quit sending info, this is an interesting show! is there a sound track for the views?
06/11/99 19:50:08 GMT

Very inspired. I really like the combination of scrap art, photography and animation. I also do experimental animation work. Do you accept work from others? I was'nt able to find the skinonskin Rave I got a message about. Can you tell me how I can find out about it? dominque
06/11/99 16:47:34 GMT

worth it. my praise. the musique de denouement got me somehow. now I can sleep. worth it. Thank you Steven
06/11/99 10:44:09 GMT

disturbing yet fantastic - who are we, no, really
06/11/99 07:24:04 GMT

I am deeply moved, profoundly touched and thrilled to have met you in hell.
06/11/99 06:59:01 GMT

Very nice.......Is this going somewhere?
06/11/99 06:02:28 GMT

i just dunno anymore man...
06/11/99 03:18:40 GMT

love, yearning, passion. A connection one must have fealt to understand. Depections of another sort. Mommy and Daddy woulnd'nt understand this one. Not for the closed minded. Not for the cold. Not for the weak at heart.
06/11/99 02:27:06 GMT

some of the pages won't load, but i guess i'll keep trying for a while. Sadly, i may have to ask for a refund soon if these pages won't load.
06/10/99 20:34:00 GMT

06/10/99 19:44:48 GMT

so beautiful.
06/10/99 18:55:45 GMT

Wrote in before thinking "smoke" was the whole thing. I was so wrong. This is exquisite and joy-inducing. Beautiful and technically astonishing. Well worth the price of admission. sp0re.
06/10/99 18:38:22 GMT

Very sensual, literally. It is like putting a piece of gum in your mouth when you are hungry and what ends up happening is that your hunger is not satiated but you become more hungry because your body begins to respond to the chewing occuring in your mouth, secreting acids to break down the supposed food that is entering your body. Thus, in much the same way this is a facade to the sensory input your self really desires. Interesting, very! Also, your exploitation of technology, I am sure, will lead to stir up courage in others to submerse themselves into more creative use of what is out there, thus continuing the pushing of the envelope and following a chain of events that finds the first link in your efforts. Congratulations and thank you for the experience; you have me thinking. CB-Alektor
06/10/99 17:52:21 GMT

a tale told with images and sound, laying your soul bare over open wires to leave an impression on the psyche's of the net's citizens....
06/10/99 16:12:33 GMT

Very sensual. HELL should have more kinds of exhibits about human senuality, sexuality, and eroticism.
06/10/99 12:35:37 GMT

Impressive. Need a plug in. Will return.
06/10/99 07:46:41 GMT

06/09/99 20:49:52 GMT

I have goosebunps... really... Torebin
06/09/99 19:35:00 GMT

great sweet intimate sublime thanx thanx
06/08/99 12:15:35 GMT

06/08/99 00:09:35 GMT

1+1 = >>>>>2! inspiring.
06/07/99 22:17:26 GMT

very impressive site ... not seen the likes any place on the net ... i too struggle with just what to do & how to apply myself here, but i have not yet learned how to program, or even how use the most basic graphic design software. i write and paint. i have imagined what flowers might bloom were i to learn these applications, but your work here shatters any model i could have come up with, and certainly everything i've seen online. the day will come when every site will create space, interactivity and subjection; your work here makes that very clear, tho it is certainly well ahead of its time. i would very much like to remain on the list so i can continue to frequent HELL, please remember me, i have thoroughly enjoyed what you have to share, Brit.
06/07/99 18:50:42 GMT

always pleased with what hell has to offer..changing the idea of technology
06/07/99 03:13:57 GMT

too mutch for now, I´ll be back soon thanks
06/06/99 23:58:22 GMT

Like a mad prophet in an ecstasy. --Dryden. This is the very ecstasy of love. --Shak. 2. Excessive and overmastering joy or enthusiasm; rapture; enthusiastic delight. He on the tender grass Would sit, and hearken even to ecstasy. --Milton. 3. Violent distraction of mind; violent emotion; excessive grief of anxiety; insanity; madness. [Obs.] That unmatched form and feature of blown youth Blasted with ecstasy. --Shak. Our words will but increase his ecstasy. --Marlowe. 4. (Med.) A state which consists in total suspension of sensibility, of voluntary motion, and largely of mental power. The body is erect and inflexible; the pulsation and breathing are not affected. --Mayne.
06/06/99 21:36:53 GMT

Ecstasy \Ec"sta*sy\, n.; pl. Ecstasies. [F. extase, L. ecstasis, fr. Gr. ?, fr. ? to put out of place, derange; ? = ? out + ? to set, stand. See Ex-, and Stand.] [Also written extasy.] 1. The state of being beside one's self or rapt out of one's self; a state in which the mind is elevated above the reach of ordinary impressions, as when under the influence of overpowering emotion; an extraordinary elevation of the spirit, as when the soul, unconscious of sensible objects, is supposed to contemplate heavenly mysteries. Like a mad prophet in an ecstasy. --Dryden. This is the very ecstasy of love. --Shak. 2. Excessive and overmastering joy or enthusiasm; rapture; enthusiastic delight. He on the tender grass Would sit, and hearken even to ecstasy. --Milton. 3. Violent distraction of mind; violent emotion; excessive grief of anxiety; insanity; madness. [Obs.] That unmatched form and feature of blown youth Blasted with ecstasy. --Shak. Our words will but increase his ecstasy. --Marlowe. 4. (Med.) A state which consists in total suspension of sensibility, of voluntary motion, and largely of mental power. The body is erect and inflexible; the pulsation and breathing are not affected. --Mayne.
06/06/99 21:36:18 GMT

Ecstasy \Ec"sta*sy\, n.; pl. Ecstasies. [F. extase, L. ecstasis, fr. Gr. ?, fr. ? to put out of place, derange; ? = ? out + ? to set, stand. See Ex-, and Stand.] [Also written extasy.] 1. The state of being beside one's self or rapt out of one's self; a state in which the mind is elevated above the reach of ordinary impressions, as when under the influence of overpowering emotion; an extraordinary elevation of the spirit, as when the soul, unconscious of sensible objects, is supposed to contemplate heavenly mysteries. Like a mad prophet in an ecstasy. --Dryden. This is the very ecstasy of love. --Shak. 2. Excessive and overmastering joy or enthusiasm; rapture; enthusiastic delight. He on the tender grass Would sit, and hearken even to ecstasy. --Milton. 3. Violent distraction of mind; violent emotion; excessive grief of anxiety; insanity; madness. [Obs.] That unmatched form and feature of blown youth Blasted with ecstasy. --Shak. Our words will but increase his ecstasy. --Marlowe. 4. (Med.) A state which consists in total suspension of sensibility, of voluntary motion, and largely of mental power. The body is erect and inflexible; the pulsation and breathing are not affected. --Mayne.
06/06/99 21:35:13 GMT

seemed jarred at a few points, moving from one area to the next. several different authors? i don't know. and now i'm sad, for my own reasons. which i suppose means it was effective. that's all.
06/06/99 10:11:42 GMT

Unglaublich! Web art noir. Brilliantly creative and subtly erotic.
06/06/99 02:39:08 GMT

way cool
06/05/99 07:17:39 GMT

My mouse gets in the way of your intimacy. HELL is awareness of time.
06/05/99 05:19:09 GMT

06/05/99 02:09:00 GMT

quite the experience well done
06/04/99 12:12:42 GMT

inspiring. thank you. m.
06/04/99 07:11:22 GMT

06/04/99 01:40:01 GMT

06/04/99 01:07:47 GMT

lack of coherence pickles the senses while looping them in a white noise field of duplicitous longing
06/04/99 00:23:08 GMT

Very interesting and thought provoking. Did a wonderful jub creating moods.
06/03/99 18:28:52 GMT

too many thoughts sometimes make no thoughts, yes.
06/03/99 06:01:10 GMT

mega awsomeness
06/03/99 03:04:05 GMT

beyond the light fantastic...
06/03/99 02:57:06 GMT

it was even cooler than star wars!
06/03/99 02:39:07 GMT

06/03/99 00:55:18 GMT

acupuncture for the mind...
06/02/99 20:38:29 GMT

Outstanding visuals and effects. Lacking in cohesiveness
06/02/99 18:29:51 GMT

interesting....letting my brain soak up the sights and sounds and smells....i'll return to them later
06/02/99 04:25:09 GMT

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." --Hamlet Act 1, Scene 5
06/02/99 03:25:22 GMT

interesting. creative and calming. in other words... KEWL as %$#@?:k! thNX, CRS
06/01/99 17:34:08 GMT

Very touching work. I would love to have the energy and committment to put such a human face on all these zero's and one's. As always, my hat is off to you. You are the vanguard of my dreams and sensibilities, creating that which i wish to create,...perfectly. ~polydog
06/01/99 16:22:38 GMT

Fab. What komes nekst?
06/01/99 07:51:09 GMT

06/01/99 06:10:40 GMT

Pretty cool!!
06/01/99 04:08:33 GMT

I am such a novice with a computer, but the excellence of this whole experience is truly humbling. I know I haven't seen it all and probably won't because I can't operate it right, but even doing it wrong has been a pleasure.
06/01/99 03:43:57 GMT

"we are one. we are one." What more is there left to say? ruler@hempseed.com
05/31/99 23:55:34 GMT

Pretty cool! This is my second event that I have been to. I really enjoy the mental aspect of this place.
05/31/99 23:28:28 GMT

not bad... points the way to what we can expect as the technology becomes more stable and more accessable to artists. keep up the good work!
05/31/99 23:11:17 GMT

warm brown skin
05/31/99 22:14:42 GMT

05/31/99 21:33:02 GMT

brainwalk.............. i will be back
05/31/99 20:31:29 GMT

another beautiful exibition. thank you for continuing to expand the horizons of web art. and congratulations- i was moved by your stories.
05/31/99 06:17:58 GMT

Brilliant work.Keep "alive"(spoooooky).-From SuperGoofy Extra/ordinary-Tmavr
05/31/99 03:24:53 GMT

Im not understanding the nature of this site Please email me sirjab@hotmail.com
05/31/99 03:10:59 GMT

05/31/99 02:21:20 GMT

i don't know if i understood it, but truly amazed
05/31/99 02:00:56 GMT

the thoughts i think are in my head...big smoke finger...boats to forever...luggage of the lords and on and on
05/31/99 01:59:26 GMT

Simply Amazing. The first example I have seen of the web being used for pure artistic expression.
05/31/99 00:01:45 GMT

no thoughts no nothing just something
05/30/99 16:05:40 GMT

excellent, but on the second piece I personally had trouble understanding the artist's meaning or motivation. I applaud both atrists for their creativity and dedication. No bullshit...
05/30/99 01:38:08 GMT

Very creative. Very well directed. A very powerful experience. Very well done. I am very pleased.
05/29/99 17:25:28 GMT

05/29/99 17:09:08 GMT

very interesting stuff. a totally new experience.
05/29/99 06:28:42 GMT

"forest" is my favorite. What a beautiful idea. It takes talent to recognize this concept and make it work so beautifully
05/29/99 02:45:27 GMT

the most intimate web experience I've ever had. thank you for bringing your love to me209.6.58.1
05/28/99 17:01:48 GMT

incredible and a relief
05/28/99 15:30:39 GMT

well done,thx for the invite.
05/28/99 08:06:04 GMT

too early to ask... have to see a few more times...
05/27/99 22:44:58 GMT

Clever, very clever. A bit naff in parts, tho' (sorry). I love the entrance to the whole thing. There is a certain fear in entering hell, you know?!!! Thsnks for the entertainment!
05/27/99 17:37:54 GMT

hey u....grrrreat...!
05/27/99 15:33:11 GMT

i liked it a lot, best was obsession, as ususal fantastic work.
05/27/99 10:12:20 GMT

...interesting...not sure yet how im feeling...the impulse is that i want to believe...in what i am not so sure...or at least have not been enlightened enough to know...very interesting...
05/27/99 05:27:20 GMT

hmmmmm.... It is interesting to see how people are using this medium in ways other than for advertising and rediculous fan culture, but I still can't help but think we are only scratching the surface here. When I get off my couch you will all understand "Oh, so that's how it's supposed to be done."
05/26/99 20:58:17 GMT

This site is freaky and I love it...It keeps me guessing.... very deep very very deep..I'm really liking this..I think I'm one of the most computer illerterate people in the world so I wouldn't be able to comprehend the amount of work this takes...but it is truly wonderful...I think this is very talented. K..enough out of me... ;p
05/25/99 20:01:59 GMT

definately inspiring
05/25/99 19:43:53 GMT

want more info ..but am very impressed so far.. what does it mean????
05/25/99 10:06:21 GMT

05/25/99 09:31:04 GMT

am hearing catbirds in the night sky
05/25/99 05:43:05 GMT

Amazing....Thought Provoking!
05/25/99 03:53:47 GMT

absolutely stunning
05/25/99 03:18:43 GMT

05/24/99 23:42:00 GMT

so far what i have seen it is cool
05/24/99 23:15:40 GMT

breathtaking, unexplainable, unpresedented, undisputed, the root of tact. thank you. it was indeed an experience.
05/24/99 19:00:59 GMT

wonderful, beautiful, inspiring
05/24/99 18:15:04 GMT

I love it. Its really beautiful.
05/24/99 17:42:51 GMT

happiness without end, the deepest love i ever felt, auriea, lover, friend, i can't stop kissing you. yours.
05/24/99 17:00:29 GMT

05/24/99 15:56:05 GMT

i am the biggest small person, i am an ant, i am touching the silver thought of god; the ants god. not cruel, nice and warm.
05/24/99 08:17:48 GMT

back again... I still enjoy it. It is like a narrative without words to give it away. It's a wonderful story too... I do think there is room for much more. Still seems a bit thin .. missing a dimension. I hope the creativity in you never dies...
05/24/99 07:33:14 GMT

wondering skills forever around the shining brass tack of planning to forget the misshaps of the barron middle. looking to scripe a flip of a keyhole minds going new raptures.
05/24/99 06:04:32 GMT

i think this is interesting from the standpoint of attempting to create what i would deem, for lack of another word, a "painting" within the browser frame. It is sexy, and throws me into an instant mindset of the voyeur. this is by far one of the more interesting attempts that I have seen. I am concerned by the lack of truly 'emotional' based work that i am seeing. congratulations...your efforts are quite interesting and make creative use of very limited perameters. sincerely, T. Doty badtoad@asu.edu
05/24/99 02:59:00 GMT

don't really know what to think
05/23/99 22:38:45 GMT

very amazing. very large. i will visit again. jason
05/23/99 18:52:27 GMT

Great site, loved the moon!!!
05/23/99 16:05:52 GMT

that was thought-provoking, but not mind-blowing. I can't wait to see what's next.
05/23/99 11:21:43 GMT

VERY ecentric. Bold, yet interestingly artistic. lots of symbolism. Kinda makes you wonder if they'll stay together after the money runs out.
05/22/99 20:45:49 GMT

tell me about this, i'm curious
05/22/99 19:05:06 GMT

05/22/99 07:25:12 GMT

good but not that good
05/22/99 06:34:18 GMT

thank you, thank you very much it was wonderful, very inspiring.
05/22/99 04:07:37 GMT

maravilloso... with expressions such as this, the human gift of wonder will always be present...
05/22/99 04:06:34 GMT

unfucking belivable.... holly shit... WHHAAAA!!! You'd probably die if you saw this while tripping!
05/22/99 02:49:12 GMT

LOVE IS... CHAOS |||||||||||| BEST WISHES, Auriea & MichaÎl. From |||||||| A FRIEND ROBERT [BROKEN]
05/22/99 00:02:54 GMT

05/21/99 23:00:46 GMT

i want to go to bed...
05/21/99 22:13:54 GMT

05/21/99 21:29:51 GMT

05/21/99 20:20:52 GMT

that was was really cool, and the end was the beautiful
05/21/99 19:29:57 GMT

another masterpiece
05/21/99 16:35:50 GMT

05/21/99 16:35:29 GMT

it was excellent. i love the shows that you guys put on. they are so interresting and origional. i just cannot wait for the next one.
05/21/99 16:24:35 GMT

05/21/99 14:56:18 GMT

Ces't erotique. (Shame about the JavaScript errors - time, future, past)
05/21/99 14:40:45 GMT

Cool Effects! Interested in how it was created. What is this site all about and who is creating it? Is this just a web art forum?
05/21/99 13:34:08 GMT

weak freaky shit. i want my $ back!!!!!
05/21/99 08:07:51 GMT

"So full of artless jealousy is guilt, It spills itself in fearing to be spilt." ---> Hamlet {Act 4, Scene 5}
05/21/99 07:45:34 GMT

good asymmetry in progression between scenes. Good ideas. Some relevant to my life, others less... perhaps something a little more apparently consistent throughout overall message next time... keeping, of course, the abstract style.
05/21/99 05:54:18 GMT

05/21/99 05:14:49 GMT

Beautiful, I loved it, want more. Only problem is I'm on AOL and kept getting "illegal operation" warnings.
05/21/99 04:34:34 GMT

I used to think that I was creative in nature... but now I know that I am anything but. Well worth the money!
05/21/99 04:33:40 GMT

Having now seen what a T1 connect will do for this event...i think i will go si and stare a t a wall for a bit... my mind is gone, i cannot think. thank you. eris' blessing
05/21/99 01:20:46 GMT

WOW!!! Incredibly compelling...it grabs you and won't let go...
05/21/99 01:05:12 GMT

wow. damn interesting. i have not seen anything like it since college when i was a music major hanging out with the art and drama people
05/21/99 00:18:28 GMT

Shugoi sabui! Daisuki! If my server didn't lag, I could really get to enjoying this...it is quite the masterpiece of art and code. When I get to a faster machine I'm going to do this again...and again...and again...
05/20/99 22:45:00 GMT

Whens the wedding?
05/20/99 22:05:29 GMT

I liked it but do not have nerves to complete the cycle
05/20/99 08:27:34 GMT

a throughly sensetual experience on the internet the best i've seen, heard, felt and touched.
05/20/99 04:03:04 GMT

stimulating brain food, awesome effets, interactive art show. id say definitely worthe $5( this was my third viewing)
05/20/99 03:38:39 GMT

An inner piece, like a slice of hell.
05/20/99 02:00:29 GMT

05/19/99 21:54:16 GMT

ive been looking at it again and again, bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/19/99 21:48:20 GMT

beats the pants off studying for finals! err, seriously though, very original & engaging. respect! ::da5e
05/18/99 05:34:54 GMT

Thanks - future was amazingly calming and I will try to think of it as I go to sleep -
05/18/99 05:27:04 GMT

Skilled...and thoughtful.
05/18/99 05:18:51 GMT

veryand then some
05/17/99 19:01:36 GMT

05/17/99 16:16:14 GMT

brain candy...
05/17/99 15:29:31 GMT

Very interesting, I have not seen anything quite like this before.....hope to see more of it soon.....
05/17/99 05:04:18 GMT

I shall need to watch it at least 26 more times. But if this is worth $5.00, then the incredible ZORP was worth at least $10.00!
05/17/99 04:52:53 GMT

05/17/99 04:26:10 GMT

top notch dHTML to be sure.Content and visuals were good, but I think more attention needs to be paid in that area. Creativity levels should be at least roughly twice as high as tech levels.
05/17/99 01:36:18 GMT

very interesting. glad I finally got to see an event. will be back again and am looking forward to the next one.
05/16/99 21:40:20 GMT

The voices in my head is it God or is it You?
05/16/99 20:50:48 GMT

05/16/99 18:36:12 GMT

05/16/99 18:07:32 GMT

Kick Ass
05/16/99 16:03:49 GMT

whatever it is you're doing....keep doing it
05/16/99 15:59:59 GMT

whatever it is you're doing....keep doing it
05/16/99 15:59:59 GMT

a little bit overwhelmed....enjoyed the experience and will be back to explore some more. thank you!
05/16/99 05:32:25 GMT

errors in java script
05/15/99 22:11:09 GMT

05/15/99 22:01:15 GMT

05/15/99 21:47:37 GMT

wow...i don't even know what to say...and i usually do. Stunning is the only word that nearly expresses how ifelt when finishing skinonskinonskin. Thank you
05/15/99 21:13:18 GMT

Very interesting and in depth. I consider it to be unique art. Starts my imagination motor running again.
05/15/99 20:41:57 GMT

Creative... they (you) are molding this medium into something less cold, alienating, more artistic, intimate. Also more personal and less elitist than Hell.com normally is.Although I was expecting more of a sensory indulgence - given the concept. There's room for more...But it's worth it...
05/15/99 18:39:33 GMT

With you my every fear fades and every dream becomes reality. You are the light that illuminates the answers to every question....
05/15/99 03:45:43 GMT

I just started looking at it, but I like what I see so far...
05/14/99 23:46:34 GMT

Not done yet, hit the wrong freakin button.....
05/14/99 22:12:40 GMT

the intro was tottally mega awsome
05/14/99 20:00:12 GMT

I was impressed and enjoyed it. Let me know when I can do this again
05/14/99 19:33:26 GMT

8753035807530 .....i ph33r you phor 5389
05/14/99 06:32:54 GMT

black flag yeah!!! 4:20
05/14/99 06:32:07 GMT

artistic.....perhaps i shall go to starbucks and read a poem....ah yes....a .....thoughtfull poem...maybe i drink too much coffee?
05/14/99 06:30:17 GMT

tis some slick shit...
05/14/99 05:53:06 GMT

never a dull moment around here....
05/14/99 04:40:47 GMT

05/14/99 03:23:03 GMT

very well done. excellent message at the end.
05/13/99 23:26:57 GMT

Incredible.The horoscope terrified, yet thrilled me.Teach me.
05/13/99 21:29:53 GMT

05/13/99 19:49:02 GMT

Very intriguing, but, not being very adept at figuring everything out, what am I suppose to be seeing/hearing? What am I supposed to do to make whatever is supposed to happen actually happen? What I saw was great, but I don't believe I saw everything. Especially, "come" and "hands"--what was supposed to happen?
05/13/99 14:25:00 GMT

05/13/99 05:54:05 GMT

I'll be back.........
05/13/99 00:01:27 GMT

and they were born on the fire of their thoughts, and they lived with innocence of their bleeding hearts. they'll be here for ever, as the dirty air in our lungs, as the air giving us live. and their love is over our mortality. their love over gods of day and night.hope? safe? future?ask yourself. step forward. fly...i'll be there tomorrow. again. again. again #
05/12/99 02:50:47 GMT

excellent tease.
05/12/99 01:20:32 GMT

brilliant. there is no why... it just is.
05/11/99 23:40:22 GMT

I don't know what to think. Do you?Tell me.
05/11/99 19:50:27 GMT

It is late, and i have no words to equal my thought. i never will. perhaps another time
05/11/99 08:15:50 GMT

absolutely amazing
05/11/99 00:30:56 GMT

I think this looks amazing. It's gratifying to see two people who are really pushing the limits of the medium, and doing so in such an artistic fashion!

In other words, lest I sound too bloody pretentious -- I DIG IT! :)
05/08/99 23:11:32 GMT

05/08/99 21:25:58 GMT

years ago i worked as a fire lookout. each year for five months of the year i existed in the middle of a muskeg wilderness only accessible by air. my only connection to the outside was a radio and mail and a once monthly visit from my ranger who came with food and books and mail. mail became essential to me. i would pour over the most banal letters. reading between and over and through the lines looking for a visceral tidbit. the letters i sent would grow into boxes (i had lots of time) with objects and text and imagery. one such missive took two seasons to make and ended up in the trunk of a rusting abandoned vega somewhere in nyc. what was curious was that the mail i received back became increasingly complex and more immediately connected to me. Curious because the time lag was sometimes months. eg. my ranger brought me a vcr one month along with some movies he had taped. one of the movies was based on a graham greene novel set in haiti. richard burton etc. during a scene depicting a voudon ceremony i was preparing a box for a friend. i started (perhaps foolishly) copying some of the ven diagrams from the screen into my box. there were several mosquitoes buzzing around my head and as was my practice i allowed them to fed, however this time i grabbed one mid feed and quashed its gorged body on the appropriate spots on the diagrams i had made. when my friend received the box and discovered the diagrams he quickly got rid of it. i found out later he was making art based loosely on voudon ceremonies. curiouser and curiouser. this sort of connection was reciprocated on many occasions. i sometimes miss that particular kind of connection, although the isolation became too great a price for me to pay. all of this is by the way of saying i appreciate skinonskinonskin from the above perspective.thank you
05/08/99 19:15:47 GMT

Many good elements. I loved the multiple effects my interaction could produce. This piece definitely captured the psychological and visual aspects of physicality. I find that I always miss the tactile elements when viewing digital art.
05/08/99 15:27:53 GMT

This patient presents to me for treatment of a psychological problem of unknown origin.
05/08/99 05:45:00 GMT

I have been here before. Once, twice, three times. The heaven the hell the ripping pain the terrible surety. I know how thisends. I gasp and feed and cry and smile and in the end I know. I hope this time it's different.
05/07/99 21:17:44GMT

I am transformed. Again. I believe in you both with my heart, too. Don't let go of it.ab
05/07/99 20:30:47 GMT

Interesting, but maybe overempahsized.
05/07/99 02:41:07 GMT